The Dance of the Universe

~ The Universe is dancing with you and for you ~

"The Dance of Yoga"

~ Awakening of the Feeling Body ~

"The Dance of Yoga" is a harmonious, fluid and creative approach to yoga to nurture your body, mind and spirit. It helps to develop your BodyAwareness and teach you to use your breath consciously. The embodiment of dance. A natural expression of yoga. A harmonious and flowing movement synchronized with your breath.

"The Dance of Yoga" is an integrated yoga practice to stretch and exercise your creative potentials.The core of this practice is to access and develop your feeling body.The practice reaches way beyond the exploration of the physical body and initiates a constant development of the pranic (energetic) body through a playful and varied approach of breathing, movement and sounding. The harmonious merging of body, breath and movement will increase the sensitivity, spaciousness and fluidity in your body and mind. As the body starts to open and readily receive the pranic energy we introduce various approaches to mediation including mudras, visualisation and affirmations that resonate with our own being.