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The Dance of the Universe

~ The Universe is dancing with you and for you ~


The Awakening of the Feeling Body

Posted on August 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (8874)

My integrated practice of “The Dance of Yoga” was born through the process of a natural evolution. My varied and colourful experiences through yoga, dance and energy healing started to teach me and guide me how to deeply listen within. I was so amazed and enthusiastic about the teaching that i heard through my inner voice, that i happily trusted the divine wisdom that flowed through my heart and my whole being. Simply because it felt so right and resonated with me so clearly.

What i always loved about my personal yoga practice was how it made me feel. Definitely better! And so much more. It was the time for intimate calm and being in the constant flow of my breath, which allowed me the time and the space to feel myself from head to toe. I felt safe, nurtured and comforted by sensing that the space around me and in me was filled with positivity, lightness, peace, joy, and inspiration. I also experienced a new sense of openness around me that penetrated my skin.

Practising at fast paced yoga classes, not having enough time to feel what i was doing, forgetting to breathe in the midst of rigorous instructions by the teachers. All of these were constantly pulling me out of my inner world and were stopping me from enjoying my own yoga experience, although these were telling me a profound truth. Slowing down and Feeling our yoga practice is essential to enjoy the benefits of yoga. When i practice this way, a random 5 minutes can do its magic. I learnt that feeling our yoga practice opens the door for sensing yoga beyond; experiencing our subtle bodies and the infinite source of energy that surrounds us. The more we are in touch with our energetic bodies, the more healing is being offered to us. I see this as the most essential value of yoga.

I love the empowerment that our practice can offer us by simply learning to enjoy our practice in the first place. When our focus is on being in touch with how we feel in each moment, we develop a deep sense of listening within. We are constantly in tune with our deep energetic wisdom which creates a heightened sense of awareness to move our bodies in the safest way possible by respecting what feels right and what does not. We learn to nurture our bodies and to enjoy the slow, deep and flowing movements that shows us how to find effortlessness and lightness in our practice.

At “The Dance of Yoga” workshops I teach you how to go within and constantly encourage you and guide you to express your practice from the Inside Out. The conscious and varied use of our breath offers us a powerful tool to find our inner core connection and learn how to support it with our breath. By learning and understanding “full body breathing”, we learn to feel with our whole body. By harmoniously merging your body, breath and movement, you will increase the sensitivity, spaciousness and fluidity in your body and your mind. As your body starts to open and readily receive the pranic energy, your practice becomes a meditation. With a new sense of heightened awareness and openness, we explore creative approaches to meditation including mudras, visualisation, sound healing and affirmations that resonate with our own being. At the end of each practice you will leave feeling nurtured and recharged from head to toe.

~ ~ ~

Gabriella Ozi is the creator of “The Dance of Yoga’’ approach. Her wide perspective and experience in Yoga and Dance meditations of many forms, led her to create this powerful integrated practice that constantly serves the wellbeing and the healing of many people. Gabriella’s sensitive, compassionate nature and her ability to hold a nurturing and comforting space always make her students feel loved and supported in the most perfect way. Her experience also includes Reiki, Angelic Reiki Healing, Sound Healing and several spiritual and metaphysical avenues in her own personal journey as well as working as a healer and yoga teacher/therapist.


My Divine Passion ~ "The Dance of Yoga"

Posted on July 9, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Passion that makes every creative expression true art..when the essence of creativity is bubbling to the surface, flowing from the inside out. It is Passion that brings forth the cravings of our spirit. They so long to be heard and long to be seen. Divine Passion is the Sacred Essence of Source, Undivided Love. When I practice "The Dance of Yoga" as an energetic expression, i feel the same way. I feel like I have so much to bring forth and share as an energetic expression of the deep essence of my spirit. I feel like it's endless..I don't know where it begins or where it ends as it is a never ending constant flow.